“Brian is one of the most capable business advisers and career coaches I've had the honor of working with in my career. I find that he excels at challenging my thinking in ways that stretch and grow me. He brings in fresh outside thinking and connects his own experiences with others that he has had the pleasure of working with. Through it all I get the benefit of a broad yet specific range of experience that in the end delivers great results. That's what is it all about, isn't it? Results are the key, and without question Brian delivers results. Real measurable results. And we have a little fun along the way as well. All in all, I highly recommend Brian if you are in the market for a career coach or a business adviser."

Steve Baker
President, Eyefinity

I call Brian the "Socrates of the Software Business." He has an uncanny ability to pepper you with questions that, while frustrating at times, always lead you to kick yourself say to yourself, "Why *haven't* I asked myself that question?" And then you answer your question and the problem is solved. The end result is that you come to the answer in a fraction of the time it would have taken to listen to some consultant drone on for 3 days to give you the answer. Some of my greatest business insights have come from an email of questions that Brian fired off 15 minutes after I sent him an email with my problem. Brian is a rare breed of high tech CEO advisor who can switch effortlessly between the roles of strategist, facilitator, coach, consultant, tech industry pundit and execution/accountability expert. Brian certainly isn't cheap, but he brings you to find the answer in yourself in a fraction of the time it takes other high-priced consultants to tell you the answer that often already lies within you. In that regard, his time is a steal at any hourly rate. If he could bottle up that ability to ask the right question at the right time and sell it, he'd be richer than Warren Buffet."

Krister Ungerboeck, CEO
Ungerboeck Software International

After trying to plan and organize our growing team on our own, we finally sought help and found Brian Turchin who has helped us implement EOS(Entrepreneurial Operating Process). At first I was skeptical, but as the sessions progressed our team evolved into the leadership team we needed. Using the EOS framework, we were able to turn the company around sooner than we had anticipated and it allowed us to prioritize the things that really improved the bottom line while still remaining true to our core values. Brian helped us by providing context and experience while exploring the tools available to make the personnel, vision and process decisions needed to start moving the company forward. We still have a long way to go to fully meet our objectives, but knowing that we can rely on Brian’s help and and EOS as new challenges arise is an incredible support. This process will continue to make our team stronger, more confident and accountable. I would highly recommend Brian as an EOS Implementer."

Jonathan Tarud, CEO and Founder

I cannot thank you enough for all of help and guidance over the six months that we worked together. When I look back at all we covered and accomplished over that time, I am quite impressed. You helped me set goals that were meaningful to me, develop strategies to achieve those goals, and then take the steps toward making those goals reality. Your attention to detail and dedication to your work was outstanding. What I think was most helpful in my case was the encouragement and optimism that you gave me during our working sessions. Exploring new paths in life can be a bit daunting even for the bravest amongst us. I found that even I could become discouraged or anxious about the course of events leading to the future. Your guiding hand and calming disposition put things in the right perspective and kept me moving forward.

My career as an astronaut the past 16 years has been extremely fulfilling, the ultimate dream come true. Figuring out what to do next will be challenging given that my experiences will be tough acts to follow. Whether I remain an astronaut or pursue other opportunities in the future, your advice will be invaluable in guiding me in a direction that will lead toward a meaningful and enjoyable life.

I have been fortunate to come in contact with many outstanding people both in my professional and personal life and have a number of trusted mentors and advisors. Brian, I would put you at the top of the list as someone who can help people understand their own interests and goals and lay out a plan to achieve happiness and success.

Thank you again for all of your time, hard work, and advice on behalf. I look forward to remaining in touch in the future as my life enfolds.

MIchael Massimino

“I have known Brian since 2006 when I joined the CEO Roundtable which he founded and presides. In my experiences with Brian, I have found him to be the ultimate professional. He treats everyone with the utmost respect and takes the time to listen and understand your issues.

As a CEO of a software company, I am continually impressed by Brian’s ability to draw upon his vast experiential and academic knowledge to help formulate a plan to reach my goals.

As an executive coach, you can be reassured and trust that Brian will manage sensitive and confidential information in a professional manner.

Brian is trustworthy, dedicated, reliable, creative, and will do what it takes to help you get results. In short, he’s terrific.

Thomas Reap
Founder/CEO, Centris Group, LLC

“I have known Brian since 2006 as a member of his Long Island CEO Roundtable. Since 2011, Brian has been providing executive coaching services for me. Brian has been doing an excellent job in this capacity. He's very organized and has a great way about him. We discussed some important goals, worked through to make sure that these goals made sense and then setup a process to achieve them, refining along the way while providing me with new insight about myself. Brian's keen intellect, thoroughness and experience with many CEO's make him a great executive coach.”

John Perri
CEO, ComView

My company engaged Brian in 2012 for executive coaching within our C Suite. We were extremely pleased with the results delivered, and the methodical approach taken by Brian to analyze the role we were looking to coach for, perceived gaps, and areas for improvement. Brian engaged our team as a whole, making sure that everyone would be bought into the process from the get-go. While it was only an 8-week engagement, we felt that the results were clearly noticeable. I would highly recommend Brian for executive coaching, particularly for leaders who have moved up the ranks very quickly. He clearly understands the growth levels that top leaders go through/need to go through

Colin Day

Brian is a magnificent facilitator. Leveraging his extensive experience in the software industry, he successfully guided our management team through a number of complex and contentious decisions. Brian's practical, results-driven approach helped us see our business from a new perspective while setting and achieving organizational goals in record time.

Jaron Rubenstein, President
Rubenstein Consulting Group

“Brian is an outstanding Software Industry consultant with a great depth and breadth of experience. He has assisted my company with the development of a detailed 5-year strategic plan and has been instrumental in assisting me with the merger of two software companies OfficeMate and Eyefinity.

He has also developed a sales management process that will allow us to have a significantly higher lead close rate. He does excellent work and he is an extremely creative and trustworthy individual.”

Jim McGrann
President, Officemate/Eyefinity

Brian is exceptionally skilled at coaching leaders to take their effectiveness to new heights, in both their professional and personal lives. He facilitates breakthrough thinking and action through a personalized, purpose driven approach. Brian’s coaching style, along with his multitude of tools and resources, help produce significant and sustainable results.

Cheryl Johnson
VSP Vision Care,VP, Eyecare Delivery Solutions

We had engaged Brian to facilitate a group of strategic planning sessions. We had not gone through this process as a formal exercise before and felt this was something we needed to grow the firm. Brian took us through this entire process where we now have a working plan and a process to track our progress, hit our goals and reset strategic actions. We were extremely pleased and I would recommend Brian to any firm planning to go through this process. Great sessions!"

Dennis Labriola
CEO, Impact

"I have been attending the Manhattan Roundtable for the past year and have found it invaluable in helping me run my company more effectively. The speakers provide thought-provoking ideas and strategies. The other members provide a great sounding board for me -- almost like an external Board of Advisors.

I find the professional support tremendous in helping me think about strategic decisions that I need to make for my company. I have learned a lot from others experiences facing the same types of issues that we have at Xtiva. And, I have built relationships that I can leverage beyond the monthly meetings."

William Lieberman
CEO, Xtiva

"Brian Turchin of Cape Horn Strategies consistently delivered more than we expected. He always stuck to the issues and objectives even when faced with multiple distractions. A pleasure to deal with: personable, dedicated, sincere and responsive."

Paul Marsala
CEO, Peer Software

"Brian Turchin offers great insight into the building of a software company, understanding the issues-and what to do about them-- at each stage of a company's growth. All of which came in handy as he helped us think through our business and product strategy, exploring how best to exploit the market potential of our patented software technology. This included examining a number of different business models and discovering how our technology fit into the current marketplace."

Yee-Ping Wu, COO and Founder
Knoa Software

"I have found Brian Turchin of Cape Horn Strategies to be an extremely valuable asset. He is a very clear thinker, pays attention to detail and like most things he does, he has absorbed the important facts and details of the software industry to produce high value input for his clients."

Ross Glatzer