Accelerate Growth

Is your revenue growth anemic? Sometimes your prior success will cause you to fail now. Understand why this is and what you can do restart growth.  Take a look at our free resources on constraints you may be experiencing. Then find out more about developing your own growth strategies

 CEO Coaching

What do you need to be a better CEO? Is it more knowledge and insights into how to run a successful business? Is it changing some cherished values so you can move in a totally novel way to spur growth? Is it getting better control over your time and your priorities? Is it building a much stronger leadership team? CEO coaching can provide a highly focused, accountable way for you to achieve these things. See how we do this CEO Coaching…

Strategic Planning

Leading your business to the next level requires a fundamental shift in your thinking: from being ad-hoc to being intentional; from reacting to events to creating them; from accepting whatever comes to choosing your own path. Here’s how we do that: Strategic Planning

Sell Your Business

Selling your business is a traumatic event. You are doing something you have never done before–yet the results matter more than, perhaps, anything else you have done in your life. Like an adventurer going into a foreign land, having a guide helps ensure you emerge from your journey having achieved your personal goals. We act as this guide, helping to minimize risks and surprises while helping to ensure you get maximum value from your sale. Find out more about planning to sell your business….

  • Testimonials

    Brian's keen intellect, thoroughness and experience with many CEO's make him a great executive coach.

    John Perri
    CEO, ComView