Growth Challenges

Is “Opportunistic” Selling Choking Off Your Future Growth?

Your business was humming along. But, recently it’s like you’ve hit a brick wall. Growth has slowed to a trickle, customers are restive, and company morale is suffering. Find out how to see and navigate your way around the dangers that lurk ahead.

Are You, Inadvertently, The Reason Why Your Software Business Has Stopped Growing?

Your management style has helped you succeed in the past. But, surprisingly, it may be the reason why you struggle to grow now. How is this so, and what can you do?

Choking on Your Own Success

Success unleashes its own critical leadership challenges. Because success, by its very own nature, creates unforeseen and counter-intuitive leadership challenges. After your company reaches a certain level of success, you discover, much to your surprise, that what worked before, no longer works now. Find out about the 3 main leadership challenges and the new ways of thinking to overcome them.

Sales Strategies (video):

Overview of 4 Sales Methodologies, and choosing the one that suits you (video). View Brian Turchin’s presentation on four sales methodologies to the New York Technology Council. He focuses on four sales methodologies: Sandler, CustomerCentric, SPIN Selling and Miller-Heiman. His fundamental insight: each methodology brings something to the party–but no one method does it all. Find out how to tailor your sales methodology to best serve your situation.

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    Brian helped us by providing context and experience while exploring the tools available to make the personnel, vision and process decisions needed to start moving the company forward.. I would highly recommend Brian as an EOS Implementer."

    Jonathan Tarud, CEO and Founder