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What Are The Challenges You Face When Your Growth Hits A Wall?

Sooner or later, your successful company will face challenges to sustaining your growth.  The very people and processes that you used to build products and revenue actually begin to stifle future growth.  If you can’t see, identify and respond in time to the new challenges, you risk losing everything you’ve gained.

Brian Turchin has spent over 30 years identifying following the chokepoints to growth and learning the strategies that successful companies have developed to overcome them.

His broad, systematic understanding jumpstarts your ability to see, confront and eliminate what may be threatening your future success.  With these insights, you are able to see and deal with critical failures before it’s too late, for example:

  • The leaders who helped your small company grow so dramatically are not able to help you continue to succeed on a larger scale.  You need to replace those who have management styles that break down as your numbers grow.  After consultation, you define new expectations for the leaders you bring in.  You help them envision opportunities to replace themselves and grow into other positions within the company.
  • The  success of your creative team results in a working environment in which the same people can no longer function, so they leave.   But you can create structures and opportunities to get creative people working on new ideas.  In working with Brian, you evaluate several models other companies have used to foster a continuous creative culture in their business. From these insights you create a system that works for your people.

Your own challenges to growth may follow these examples, or you may have a completely different situation.  After years of experience working with hundreds of senior executives, Brian’s insights help you recognize and correct constraints to your growth, far more quickly and effectively than you can accomplish alone.

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  • Testimonials

    “Brian has developed a sales management process that will allow us to have a significantly higher lead close rate. He does excellent work and he is an extremely creative and trustworthy individual.”

    Jim McGrann
    President, Officemate/Eyefinity