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Why engage Brian Turchin?

When do you actually stop and take time to think about the larger questions about your business? For example:

  • You may be doing things right but are you doing the right things?
  • Is your leadership team the one that will  allow you to reach your next level of growth? Sometimes those who helped you succeed so far may not the be ones to help you succeed in the future.
  • Is your style of leadership the right one for your stage of business development? You can’t lead a 10 person company the way you lead a 100 person company, much less a 500 person company. And not changing your leadership style may be the very thing causing growth to flatten out.
  • Should you seek outside investment or wait? How much control are you willing to give up for what type of cash infusion?
  • Are you doing what you need to do to prepare for an eventual exit? Or, by not taking action now, will you cause yourself a lower valuation when you sell?

Coaching engagements with Brian Turchin allow you to create space to think about such questions.

His in-depth experience with highly accomplished, dynamic leaders allows you to bring fresh, vision-stretching ideas into your thinking.  Without his deliberate focus and challenging questions about the results you want, you would not gain new insights about yourself or spend the mental effort needed to advance  your business.

“As a CEO of a software company, I am continually impressed by Brian’s ability to draw upon his vast experiential and academic knowledge to help formulate a plan to reach my goals. As an executive coach, you can be reassured and trust that Brian will manage sensitive and confidential information in a professional manner. Brian is trustworthy, dedicated, reliable, creative, and will do what it takes to help you get results. In short, he’s terrific.”

Define your most important goals. Work them over through to make sure that these goals made sense and then setup a process to achieve them, refining along the way while providing me with new insight about yourself and your work.

Take this moment now to start shaping your future.

Contact Brian Turchin to find out more about achieving the personal and business results that have the greatest importance to you.

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  • Testimonials

    “Brian has developed a sales management process that will allow us to have a significantly higher lead close rate. He does excellent work and he is an extremely creative and trustworthy individual.”

    Jim McGrann
    President, Officemate/Eyefinity