Strategic Planning

As a business leader, you take charge. You’re not content to leave your future to chance. But taking the helm also means you set the direction. Your long-term success depends on your vision and your decisions.

Where is your focus today?

It’s most likely on today’s problems.

Leading your business to the next level requires a fundamental shift in your thinking: from being ad-hoc to being intentional; from reacting to events to creating them; from accepting whatever comes to choosing your own path.

Are you ready to do that?

Our strategic planning work is an intentional process of

  • Considering real future possibilities
  • Deciding which one you want
  • Determining how you will get there
  • Making the hard decisions about where to invest your time, effort and resources

When to Start

There is no better time to define your most meaningful achievements than now. Still, certain conditions may drive your impetus toward strategic planning:

1) Your business is doing well.

If your business is thriving, why review your course now? Because now is the best time to make the future even better:

  • You’ve got cash to invest
  • You’ve got the mental freedom to think about a new direction or pivot
  • You’re not in a crisis that’s hijacking your focus
  • And eventually you will need to do this anyway. Every business runs into growth issues at some point. Better to prepare now.

2) The business is doing well, but there’s a lot of risk.

While you’re not in immediate trouble, conditions are too imbalanced to maintain. For example:

  • The business is too strong in one vertical market
  • There’s too great a dependence on one company
  • Too much is invested in one business model

3) The business is in trouble or its status has changed.

Sometimes events occur that are out of your control, and you need to respond strategically:

  • The market for your product or service is in trouble
  • A longtime strategy is performing poorly
  • There’s been an unanticipated mishap or misstep
  • The company’s products are becoming commodities, and you’re losing margin
  • An acquisition or merger calls for realignment or a new strategic vision

Why Brian Turchin for Strategic Planning?

“Just today I was able to present a vision of our company that was the clearest it has ever been, both for me and everyone in the company. I wouldn’t have been able to get there without the consulting from Brian. He’s worked with me and the leadership team for almost a year, and it’s been simple and complex, straightforward and thorny, easy and difficult, light and deep. It embodies all those contradictions, but the work is always always important. Thank you Brian for keeping me and the team focused, it’s helped us tremendously.”

~ Paul Pierson, Partner, Carbone Smolan Agency

 I offer the most personalized guided opportunity, designed to make the most of your time stepping back, capturing your thinking about the future, and choosing how to shape it. It’s the antidote to reacting ad hoc. 

Unlimited range of business issues –  You get intensive, personalized feedback on a business quandary that is directly relevant to your situation.

Uncompromising confidentiality– Draw upon a wide range of experience and in-depth professional knowledge that’s unleashed when you and an experienced consultant exchange creative ideas insights and strategies with complete freedom. 

Take the next step to learn more.

To find out about working one-on-one with me, just ask.  Contact me directly at (516) 377-4244 or

  • Testimonials

    "I have found Brian Turchin to be an extremely valuable asset. He is a very clear thinker, pays attention to detail and like most things he does, he has absorbed the important facts and details of the software industry to produce high value input...."

    Ross Glatzer
    CEO, OneCARE