Selling Your Business

Selling your business yourself is like what they say about being your own lawyer. “You have a fool for a client.”

It usually starts like this. A competitor approaches a founder about buying his business. The founder sees a possible easier way to exit and gain his FU money. Some initial valuation is agreed upon. Then the founder commits time, energy and resources to the process–possibly to the point where his business may start to suffer. Then the buyer finds something amiss–say, your financial are not in proper shape–and says they will only accept a lower valuation. The founder can negotiate but what leverage does he have? There is only the one buyer or no one–and it is painful to start this process only to stop.

Minimize these type of false starts as you work through your company sale with Brian Turchin.  Your consultations cover essential decision points such as:

  • Gaining clarity on why you want to sell.  What will success look like?
  • Preparing your business for close scrutiny – key people, accounting records, physical space
  • Dealing with when to say what for  those who work for you.
  • Knowing what new arrangements you want in place when the sale is done
  • Going over what to expect when you sell, what the journey will be like.
  • Choosing the right M&A firm or investment banker for you to use. (Using the right M&A firm or investment banker will increase the value you will get for your business.

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Selling a business can be a harrowing experience.  But it doesn’t have to be.

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    Brian's practical, results-driven approach helped us see our business from a new perspective while setting and achieving organizational goals in record time.

    Jaron Rubenstein, President
    Rubenstein Consulting Group